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By Chris Arranaga

Giving away custom imprinted products is a good way to ignite curiosity about your brand. These kinds of gifts are an affordable way to create a persona for your company, while strengthening customer relations.

The process for having merchandise imprinted with logos, letters, or artwork varies and is dependent upon the type of merchandise involved. The leading methods include embroidery, screen printing, injected ink dyes, laser etching, embossing, and engraving.

A lot of promotional products are smaller items that don’t have a lot of room for advertising. Some products, such as USB nano drives are so small there is only enough room for a tiny logo and minimal printing.

Since consumers tend to connect their favorite brands by logo design, it is essential for companies to have a memorable logo. It’s recommended to work with a professional graphic artist that can create a powerful design that people can recognize at a glance.

Keep in mind that logos are used on everything associated with your company. This includes everything from business cards to shipping boxes and trade show giveaways to corporate gifts. Having a consistent look is the fastest way to expand brand recognition.

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Trade show promotional items are an excellent marketing tool. There are countless products that can be imprinted with logos and company info. Some of more common giveaways are notepads, pens, coffee mugs, key chains, tee shirts, and tote bags.

Trade show giveaways ought to be items that are used repeatedly. Think of items that your target audience can’t live without or are ultra-excited to receive. The majority of people who setup trade show booths hand out the same tired gifts they’ve given away for years.

Don’t bore attendees with pens and stick-on notes. Elevate your company above the others by giving away innovative gifts geared toward their interests. While there’s nothing wrong with offering conventional giveaway items, at least seek out a new and improved version.

For instance, the majority of trade show attendees appreciate receiving branded water bottles that are reusable. People usually carry sports bottles throughout the day which provides plenty of opportunities to have your brand seen by others.

The downside is people get tired of carrying empty sports bottles around. Instead of buying a regular plastic water bottle, look for unique versions such as collapsible bottles that flatten when empty.

The perfect marketing combo is solving a problem with a unique promo gift. This method will strengthen your brand because people will talk favorably about you and engage in word of mouth advertising.

Perhaps the most popular imprinted promo gift is corporate attire. People love receiving screen printed tee shirts with interesting artwork or polo shirts with embroidered logos and lettering.

Having your own line of designer apparel can significantly increase visibility, but also can be very costly. The most affordable option is having logos imprinted on tee shirts, baseball caps, and sun visors.

Every business owner has to advertise their company in some fashion. Most people find imprinted promo products to be the most cost effective choice. In order to get the highest return on investment it is recommended to work with a respectable promotional products company that can guide you in the right direction.

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