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Wearing Kurta Pyjama Has Become The Latest Trend In Europe And The Usa

Thursday, August 24th, 2017

Wearing Kurta Pyjama has become the latest trend in Europe and the USA



For centuries, the simple kurta pyjama was the traditional wear for men in the Indian subcontinent. In a hot country like India, the kurta pyjama, mainly made of loose fitting cotton, was functional though simple and low cost. It kept you cool and let you work all day or relax after work. The simple kurta-pyjama set was also the basis for more highly evolved styles created using expensive silks, with rich embroidery around the neck, sleeves and hem of the kurta. For festivals and weddings, the kurta metamorphosed into a more elaborate, elegant and stylish garment richly embroidered all over. The underlying form and structure remained the same but the dress gained by way of use of rich fabric and embellishments. How did this typical Indian dress make it to the West and storm the bastions of fashion in Europe and the USA?

Rise of Indian Diaspora and Kurta Pyjama

Indians settled in Europe and the USA and grew roots but never forsook traditions. For everyday wear it may be jeans or a formal suit but when it comes to weddings, not only the bridegroom, but also the other men in the wedding party make it a point to wear expensive, richly embroidered, striking kurta-pyjama suits. Either with an open neck or with a closed round collar and the right embellishment, these are eye-catching to say the least.

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The Indian Designers of Kurta Pyjama

Indian fashion designers reinvented traditional Indian wear and gave them a new direction as well as style, redefining ethnic chic in the process. Their creations were and are the de-facto dresses for NRIs celebrating weddings. The basic concept of kurta pyjama remains the same but with minor modifications the same dress can be worn by men as well as women. It has a unisex appeal overall but shifting the focus on cut and embellishments makes it suitable for men or for women. It can be elegantly simple in its basic form or highly ornate and elaborate when given the maximum treatment as some Indian fashion designers have done. Greater exposure in media generated further interest in western audiences.

Comfort, Style, Affordability

In its basic form the kurta pyjama set is ideal to lounge around in while a more fashionable avatar is perfect for celebrations or party wear. In either case, it is comfortable as western men discovered these features and adapted it as a novel way to look good, look different. Then of course, there is a certain snob value. After all princes and nobility did go in for sherwanis and jamawars embroidered with gold threads. Jamawars have resurged and there is no denying the fact that men look simply gorgeous in one. So there you have it: simple cotton ones to relax and lounge around the house or elegant princely ones to strut around in parties. Another factor in its favor is that even the richest kurta costs far less than a quality, designer suit. A kurta is also the embodiment of cultural heritage and graciousness.

Kurtas, like curries, have won over western hearts and minds; they appeal to the soul of man, which, when you come to think of it, is the same, east or west.

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