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What Is Compulsive Eating?

Monday, September 4th, 2017

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By Jack L Bloom

Simply defined, compulsive eating is addiction to food. But more than just overeating, it has some psychological effects on a person, making them feel guilty and shameful of eating too much. Compulsive eating is an eating disorder that makes a person overweight, while going through a series of complications both physically and mentally.

Compulsive eating disorders affect a person’s life and well being in different ways. The worst situation that you can be into is endangering your life after your social and psychological lives are ruined. However, you are not alone and the good news is many of them have recovered from this devastating crisis. All you need to do is to submit yourself to early professional help.

Once you decided to seek the help of a doctor, you have to let go and let him know about the real root of the problem. Doing so removes the barrier between you and your doctor. This is the most crucial step in order to ensure your fast recovery. Your doctor cannot do much unless he has the full knowledge of what your problem is about.

Signs and symptoms

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The first tell-tale sign of compulsive eating is binge eating or eating uncontrollably. But after satisfying one’s self in his meal, the same person goes through a strict diet, may even fast or skip meals, involve in rigorous exercises, and could force himself to vomit, just to remove the food he had eaten in his stomach. The use of laxatives after eating is yet another sign of compulsive eating.

Psychologically, compulsive overeater becomes too concerned with their body weight and tends to go through mood swings and depressions because of it. Physically, they would experience irregular periods and would develop dental problems, heartburn, and swollen cheek glands. They would feel bloated after every meal and may develop problems with drugs, alcohol, or the family.


Compulsive overeaters eventually develop hypertension due to their weight concerns. They would also get tired easily, even after simple exercises and physical activities. Weight gain will be apparent among them, while experiencing nausea off and on. People who tend to be compulsive eaters are also more prone to developing diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes.


Compulsive eating have many causes. Psychiatrists say that it could stem out of emotional conflicts, making the person turn to food for relief instead. It starts gradually until a person’s eating patterns have been changed completely. It may start during childhood. Children who turn to food or are given food to ease their tantrums and distress tend to develop compulsive eating disorder when they grow up. Generally speaking, this disorder is apparent to people who uses food as a therapy to ease their problems, loneliness, and frustrations.


Professional help is required for people diagnosed to be compulsive overeaters. They need to consult with a psychiatrist and submit to a series of therapy and counseling. Studies have shown that talk therapy can treat a compulsive eater, while giving him nutritional and medical counseling. Counselors try to redirect a compulsive eater’s attention from food as he solves his problems. With the right orientation, the person would then start addressing problems in the face rather than hiding under a pile of food.

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Top Reasons To Opt For Invisalign London}

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

Top Reasons to Opt for Invisalign London


Brian Miller

There are countless reasons why you should consider investing in a smile correcting solution such as invisalign London, one of them being the fact that no one will be able to tell you are wearing braces London. The truth is that this particular treatment will allow you to achieve the smile that you have always wanted without having to worry about any disadvantages regarding your quality of life. Regular braces usually make people stare at your teeth every single time you open your mouth.

Well, you can be certain that this will not happen as long as you decide to get invisalign London. These braces are transparent and go right on top of your teeth. You can talk, eat and drink without any trouble. If you prefer braces that are not easy to see, clear ceramic ones are a fantastic idea. However, if you would like to have braces that can be removed whenever you feel like it, invisalign London is the right choice for you. People will not realize that you have anything on your teeth unless you tell them what they are looking at. We are talking about removal clear aligners that you will need to change every two weeks so that your teeth can get in the right position.

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The only slight disadvantage that you might encounter when opting for these particular braces London is the fact that they work slower than other options. However, seeing as you can remove them whenever you want or use them all the time and lead a normal life, this does not seem like a real issue. A slightly prolonged wear will not affect you at all. Another important reason why you should want to wear braces London is the fact that the sooner you opt for this treatment option, the faster you will be able to see results.

It would be better if you stop wishing that you had a fantastic smile and just do something about it. The situation is quite simple. Of course, there are more options that you can choose from when it comes to the type of braces London that you can invest in. If you feel a bit overwhelmed by this fact, you should know that you don’t have to be. The dentist will talk to you about every single available type and present both their advantages and disadvantages.

This way, it will be easier for you to make a decision that will match your particular needs. If you want to see results in the shortest time possible, metal braces are the best. If you prefer braces that are not easy to see, clear ceramic ones are a fantastic idea. However, if you would like to have braces that can be removed whenever you feel like it, invisalign London is the right choice for you. Before opting for braces find out if there are any other dentistry procedures that might be recommended for you. Your doctor will make sure everything turns out exactly like you expect it to.

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