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Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

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Morphy Richards Essential is a mixer grinder and juicer in one. This device from the house of Morphy Richards is one of the widely used devices. Now go on making whatever you want with the help of this wonderful piece of equipment. It is a bit big in comparison to the other mixer grinders as it has a juicer attachment as well. Let?s find out more about this device.

Key Features

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Morphy Richards Essential is a device which will help you a lot while doing kitchen work. It will cut short your time spend in the kitchen a lot. The mixer comes with different kinds of blades like Wet and Dry Grinding blade, Chutney blade, Mincing blade and Whipping blade for different usage. Universal blade is also present over here. It is a blade which does all kind of grinding, blending and mixing. Just within few seconds you can make chutney or shakes with the help of this mixer. Making tomato puree was never easier before. As this is a juicer also you can make any kind of juices with in seconds with this amazing device.

The mixer consumes 500 watts of power, which is very economical on the energy consumption. It will not increase your electricity bill.


Morphy Richards Essential is designed for comfort. It is not a small unit which will take very less space in your kitchen. It comes with different jars and blades for different purposes. The jars are made up of Stainless Steel. This gives them rust free longer life. It has a locking system too.


There are two different jars provided with the Morphy Richards Essential. These jars are namely the Liquidizer or Blender Jar and Grinding Jar. With the liquidizer jar you can prepare shakes within seconds. Grinding jar is for different kinds of grinding. For the juicer you get the following attachments: Bowl, Pulp Container and Food Pusher.


Morphy Richards Essential is one of the best things that can happen to you for your kitchen. It might be a little big for your kitchen but, it is very useful.

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